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B-line foot and body care

Soul essential pedicure   1hr 30mins                                                        56.25
The ultimate therapy for those who love their feet. Includes foot soak
heated booties, hydrating mask, reflex points of the feet and essential 
pedicure. One and a half hours of pure luxury.

Pedicure and reflexology   1hr 30mins                                                         58.50
Deluxe treatment includes essential pedicure and a 30 minute 
reflexology pressure point massage, which encourages the body to 
relax and heal itself. 

Ultimate pedicure   1hr 15mins                                                                  47.50
Total foot care. Helps control athletes foot, chilblains,hard skin and all 
conditions associated with the feet. Herbal soak, hard skin removal 
with our exclusive 'Erase' to soften and lift dead skin with ease, rasping, 
exfoliation, cuticles, nail clipping, shaping, foot relaxation and varnish. 
This is performed by our proprietor and senior therapist. 
Petite pedicure   30mins                                                                             25.00
Choose 3 treats from our essential pedicure. 

Shape and varnish    20mins                                                                      19.00

Thermal foot wrap   45mins                                                                                  13.50
Feet are treated to a conditioning foot mask, wrapped, then placed 
in a heated bootie. Perfect for aching, dry, arthritic feet. Finish with 
a short massage.
Back restoration treatment   30mins                                                                    39.00
Includes dry brush scrub, exfoliation and massage. 

Cool sensation leg therapy   1hr                                                                          45.00 
Body brush, exfoliation and massage to the legs and feet using cool 
aromatic leg gel. Helps improve circulation and stimulates lymphatic 
flow in the legs. 

Jessica Geleration Gels                                                                                         15.00
Add soak off gels to any of our pedicures. Add 15mins