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Jessica Manicures and Jessica Geleration
Beautiful healthy long lasting nails
Complete manicure   45mins                                          30.00 
Hand massage, cuticle nourishing, soak, cuticle tidy, nail shape and colour of your choice.  
Deluxe manicure    1hr                                                    37.00
Includes a complete manicure and thermal hand wrap, excellent for very dry skin, stiff joints and relaxation.

Luxury manicure   1hr                                                     40.00
Combine our complete manicure with the anti-age treatment
'Le Remedi' the ultimate treat for the hands and nails. They deserve it!  
Reshape and varnish    20mins                                      19.00                                            

Thermal hand wrap and massage   20mins                  18.00 
Hands are treated to Jessica's hydrating emulsion, nails and cuticles are conditioned with Phenomen oil and nourishing cuticle cream, then wrapped and placed in heated mitts. 
A hand and arm massage to finish.

Le Remedi anti-age treatment    30mins                        21.00
An anti-age treatment for your hands and arms. Hydrating 
and firming, transforming the appearance of your hands. Includes hand cleanse, exfoliation, masque and a smoothing, firming serum.

Jessica Geleration
Discover a world of everlasting colour. Jessica's soak off gel polish. Delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that's dry in seconds and protects the natural nail.   

Gels and manicure   1hr                                                    40.00
Includes hand soak, cuticle tidy, nail shape, soak off gel polish, hand massage and cuticle conditioning to finish.
Gels and shape   45mins                                                   35.00 
Includes nail shape, soak off gel polish and cuticle conditioner.                                                

Gels - maintenance   30mins                                             28.00 
A light buff, a coat of you chosen gel polish and finish.
Gels - maintenance and shape   45mins                          32.00             
Shape, light buff, chosen gel polish and finish.

Removal of gels  30mins                                                   10.00 
Gentle removal of gel polish, using an acetone free remover, ensuring that the natural nails remain undamaged, cuticle conditioner to finish.
(If Gels were done at another salon, removals are £15.00)

Removal and new gels   1hr 30mins                                 43.00
Includes all the treatment involved in a new set of gels.