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mineral Makeup

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Make up is an essential part of a woman's sense of wellbeing and Jane Iredale wants to make that easy to achieve. With the added help of the beauty room. 
rue make up artistry enhances the wearer's natural beauty allowing her personality to shine!
Make-up base   15mins                                                   10.00
Let us help you match the right mineral make up base to 
make life easier. 
A foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen all in one. 
Price is redeemable against purchase of make-up base.
Cleanse and make-up   30 mins                                    33.00
Light day look.   

Special occasion make-up   45mins                             42.00  
A night out to a party, a special event, your prom. 
Make-up lesson   1hr 30mins                                         54.00  
The use of colour and make-up techniques to compliment 
your individual colouring and style. 

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