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tanning and finishing touches


Fake Bake, one of the UK’s leading salon professional self tan brand.

Fake Bake gives an instant sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting sunless tan by combining naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose,­ 

guaranteeing longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results. 

Fake Bake full body tan including face   1hr               48.00  
A complete professional self tan treatment from preparing 
and nourishing through to tanning. Includes a body brush, pomegranate exfoliation, shower and buff, facial cleanse and exfoliation. The most luxurious way to enjoy fake bake application. Development time 4-6 hrs. 
Upper body tan   45mins                                               38.00
Includes the face back arms and chest.                               
Leg tan   30mins                                                             30.00
Face and neck tan   15mins                                           19.00
as an add-on to any facial                                               7.50

Ultimate brows   30mins                                                   28.00
includes tint, wax, shape and finish 

Eyelash tint   20mins                                                         19.00
enhance the natural lashes with this gentle tint, your therapist will help you choose a shade to suit you.
Brow tint   10mins                                                             12.00
great for fair or white eyebrows, or just to give more definition to the brows, your therapist will advise you on a shade to suit your colouring.
Eyelash and brow tint   30mins                                        26.00

Eyebrow shape   10mins                                                  10.00

Ear piercing   
1 ear                                                                                   12.50
2 ears                                                                                 18.50