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 The beauty room is open
 Call 01992 501224 or 

Experience beautiful skin at home. The beauty room 'Letterbox Facial' can be sent direct to your door. Share it with friends on Zoom. Send as a birthday gift. Or just to say 'you deserve a treat'. It can be personalised to either teenage, ageing, oily, dry, sensitive or acne. The products will then be suitable to the skin type.
WHAT'S INCLUDED; 2 Dermalogica travel size products, 7 product samples, headband, sealed Chamomile teabag, Letterbox Facial instructions, a chocolate, p&p.
   ALL FOR JUST £25 PER LETTERBOX FACIAL                        Order now by contacting EMAIL-
                                                     PHONE -01992 501224 (CALL DIVERT)  
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 We believe 'human touch' will be treasured now more than ever before and it is vital we take proper steps to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for our clients to return. What better way to show you care than giving our 'beauty room gift voucher'
Vouchers purchased have a 6 month expiry date. This will be extended to take into account of any salon closures.
We can send E-Vouchers too! 
1. Send an email - or Call 01992 501224
2. Place you order
3. We will then ask you for payment over the phone or bank transfer. 
4. You can collect your order once payment has cleared
5. Collection will be by appointment only at the entrance to the beauty room.
6. We cannot take payment in the salon unless it is under £45, contactless.

Treat yourself to Brow by Mii eye products to
keep the perfect look 

The beauty room has an array of treatments to help achieve your goals. 
Our ProSkin 30 and ProSkin 60 facials can tackle all sorts of skin issues. 
acne - dehydration - rosacea - ageing - sun damage - sensitivity

OUR Pro Power Peel . 
An advanced professional in-salon peel. Fantastic for lines and wrinkles -
 uneven pigmentation - breakouts and acne related scarring. 
A patch test and consultation has to be performed before your first treatment.

 Tackle those unwanted hairs, red veins, skin tags, milia 
and warts. Doctors no longer treat cosmetic lesions, so call us on 
01992 501224book a free consultation and talk to one of our 
experienced senior therapists. We provide IPL (intense pulse light) 
NDYag Laser and Advanced Electrolysis. 
See our Laser and Electrolysis pages for more details. 


Lock down has had a huge impact on how we feel from day to day and our sleep pattern. Try these beautiful smelling all natural Candles and Balms. Perfect birthday gift or just a little something to say you care.     

Our collection of 100% natural aromatherapy products, with six unique essential oil blends De-stress, Focus, Love, Sleep Well, Be Happy, and Escape, to help you stay centred no matter where you are or what life throws at you. 

Therapy Balms

Perfectly portable, non-greasy, no-mess balm formulations to ensure effective remedy on the goSimply apply to pulse points (wrist, neck and temples), inhale deeply and reset your mood.


Made with a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, and a high percentage of pure essential oils. Our therapeutic candles will fragrance your room beautifully and cleanly. 

The Beauty Room

At the beauty room we offer a wide range of beauty treatments and holistic therapies and specialise in 
At the beauty room we pride ourselves on attention to detail, our therapists are friendly, experienced and highly trained to give you the best treatment possible.
Whether you are coming in for one of our spa packages or for our Jessica gel nails, you can be sure your treatment will be carried out in a will be carried out 
in a comfortable and relaxed environment, so you can just sit back and unwind.


  On the 23rd of October 1988 the beauty room opened its doors to the public.

During the last 33 years Debra Woodberry has been sole proprietor and seen many changes in the industry and in the county town of Hertford. She would like to say a big thank you to all her clients old and new for their continued support and loyalty. And to her suppliers Dermalogica, B-Line and Jessica.

Also to all the staff that have come and gone, and those that remain, key to it's success.


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the beauty room, 23 St. Andrew Street, Hertford, Herts, SG14 1HZ
01992 501224